Well, not gadgets as such but helpers. Perhaps you need a way to make great coffee while travelling or you need an alternate option to big expensive espresso machine. If so, we have a few great options for you. We like to tailor a solution to you, so if you are in Apollo Bay please drop in to the roastery & cafe or drop by one of the markets and we would be happy to have a chat to you.

Wacaco Minipresso

Wacaco Minipresso

The Wacaco Minpresso gets some great rave reviews and is a great portable espresso machine. It uses any coffee beans and grinds to your needs. You simply add the coffee, grind, add the water into the water tank and the inbuilt piston pumps to pressurise and extract perfect espresso Рcomplete with crema.

The Aeropress is a one cup wonder which is super quick and easy to use. Add your ground coffee into the top, either use the paper filter or upgrade to the Able fine filter (metal), add hot water, give it a quick stir and then push down on the plunger straight into your cup. The air pressure is a perfect method to extract all the flavour with low acidity and no bitterness.

Aeropress and able filter

Aeropress and able fine filter