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The first release from our X range. This started as an discussion between Justin and our good friend Sally at The Forrest General Store, also the creator of Otways Distillery. The series of gins that she’s created use botanicals foraged from the local Otway region and are both beautiful and unique. We’ve used a technique derived from how we developed the Whisky Infused coffee to infuse her gin into our beans.

We selected an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, full of vibrant berries and floral notes to pair with the botanical gin and sealed it away. We roasted it lighter to suit a filter and honestly, am pretty happy with the results. It’s more subtle than the Whisky infusion but also more balanced. It’s definitely not something you’ve tasted before.

Batch size is roughly 5kg so get in fast.

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Hello Coffee X is a concept where we are allowing ourselves to present ideas to the public that push the creativity of coffee roasting into non-traditional areas. We’re looking at collaborations between us and other producers and techniques borrowed from across the food industry. Some of it may not be great, but…. there might be some gold in there too. Either way it’ll be fun.

These are all going to be very short run batches so will sell out quickly. If any great developments come out of the process, we may roll them into production.

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