Hello Coffee X – Organic Peru/Elderflower Gin Elixir


This next release follows on from our previous spirit infusion experiments. We’ve taken a juicy, vibrant and full-bodied Peruvian crop and infused it over 3 weeks with an Elderflower gin liquor. This is a beautiful product made by our friends at the Apollo Bay Distillery and as soon as we tasted it we knew it would be next in line in our X range of coffees.

We think this is easily the best one yet. On tasting its a subtle overlay of incredibly aromatic elderflower over the soft and smooth Peruvian coffee. Being a liquor this time, the spirit doesn’t dominate the palate and its a much more balanced and refined result.

As usual, its a small batch so jump in quick – and please let us know on the socials what you think of it.

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Hello Coffee X is a concept where we are allowing ourselves to present ideas to the public that push the creativity of coffee roasting into non-traditional areas. We’re looking at collaborations between us and other producers and techniques borrowed from across the food industry. Some of it may not be great, but…. there might be some gold in there too. Either way it’ll be fun.

These are all going to be very short run batches so will sell out quickly. If any great developments come out of the process, we may roll them into production.

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