English Breakfast

English Breakfast

Tea & Scandal is the work of a few lovely local ladies who love a good cuppa tea. It’s also 100% percent organic, so you are really just getting the good stuff.

After years of careful research they have hand picked some beautiful blends of tea that are refreshing, heartwarming and plain old tasty. Their tea is created in small batches and smells absolutely divine.

Some of these blends are also suitable as an iced tea suitable for those warm summer nights. The creators of Tea & Scandal, Kirsten and Amy created their tea partnership to:

“embrace age old recipes, enhanced for modern tastes and devote our time to formulating unique recipes and infusing scents that capture our love of tea.”

Either enjoy a pot of this loveliness in house or feel free to pick a selection off our shelf to enjoy at home.

A selection of quality tea from Tea & Scandal available in-house or take home:

A selection of quality tea from Tea & Scandal available in house or take home

A selection of quality tea from Tea & Scandal available in house or take home. Above: Cheeky Chai

English breakfast – a quintessential ‘British cup of tea’, a classically strong and full bodied blend that goes well with milk & sugar.

Cheeki Chai – always a crowd pleaser, this little cheeky chai is the perfect spicy cup of goodness. With cloves, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, ginger, cardomom, star anise & darjeeling tea it really will spice up your life!

Earl Grey – aromatic bergamont adds a refined tart citrus taste to this dark full leaf tea.


Green tea meadow

Green Tea Meadow – a mild green tea with a lovely floral bouquet. Organic ingredients included in this blend are lemon balm, Chamomile flowers, rose petals, calendula petals, lavender, stevia leaf and sencha green tea.

Mint Delight – a strong green tea with a lovely mint punch. A blend of china green tea, peppermint & spearmint.


Alternatively for a little take home jOy you can enjoy these blends in handy take home resealable pouches:

Sleepy root – a pleasant peppermint taste, complimented by the sweet liquorice root & camomile flower.

Heavenly Hibiscus

Heavenly Hibiscus

Women’s issues – a bright & refreshing raspberry leaf blended with fragrant lavender, a spicy lemongrass & the zing of mint.

Heavenly Hibiscus – aromatic spices to warm the palate, deep & rich in colour with a light & tangy taste. This is warm & heavenly on a cold day or would make the perfect summer iced tea. A blend of rooibos, cinnamon chips, citrus peel, rose petals, cloves, allspice & hibiscus petals.


Or visit the Tea & Scandal website for more information

We love our luscious hot chocolates and spicy chai and ‘Grounded Pleasures‘ are our absolute go to!

There is a decadent hot chocolate and a dark chocolate variety available. Their chai is an authentic spice mix with a lovely earthy flavour – without all the sugar you find of the supermarket brands.

On the tables at Hello Coffee we proudly serve Panela Sugar – a high grown, delicious dried sugar cane juice that retains a molasses flavour, along with a handful of beneficial nutrients and minerals. It is a great way to sweeten your coffee, or for cooking and baking too.

The folks at Grounded Pleasures have kindly shared some Panela sugar recipes that look amazing. Be sure to bring a sample into Hello Coffee if you manage to whip up one of these wonderful creations – the Almond and Panela Sponge with Lemon Curd looks particularly scrumptious.

And just to make it just a little sweeter – it is fair trade, dairy free, gluten free and 100% natural.


Grounded Pleasures - Chai

Grounded Pleasures – Chai


Drinking Chocolate


Noir – Dark drinking chocolate

Try it out today – you won’t be disappointed!
For more information and hints on how to create the perfect hot chocolate please visit www.groundedpleasures.com.au