Cafe tour

Opening hours are:Play mat with cars, kids play, kid's area
Mon to Fri 7am – 3pm
Sat 9am – 1pm


Our cafe has gone from a simple shed to a comfortable place to eat, drink, chat and chill out. The relaxed atmosphere suits the local tradie, small business operators and tourists a like. With a relaxed atmosphere and plenty to fill your belly you will be more than satisfied. We started roasting coffee beans around 5 years ago and started off at local markets before deciding to launch the Cafe. We loved learning about the raw natural coffee beans and how best to roast them to create a great cup.

In winter we stoke up the fireplace and ready the newspapers and magazines to create a perfect hideaway. In the warmer weather we love to slide open the massive side door and let the sunshine stream in.

Try our popular smoked & pulled pork roll – you won’t want to move from the spot. Or grab a always satisfying egg and bacon roll with swiss cheese and our tasty homemade salsa verde and bbq sauces to make it bring those tastebuds alive. We are foodies at heart and everything is proudly homemade. Just like our coffee, fresh is best! You can view our sample menu and see how we source seasonal and locally to showcase our amazing Otway region.

We have a great kids area with a drawing table, a sit-in car for those little revheads, a book zone and a car mat that will keep all ages entertained. You will find little puzzles and lots of reading material scattered throughout the cafe too.

If you need to check in with the outside world our FREE WIFI will help you do just that. Join our network and grab the password from the sign on the front counter.


We’ve recently been putting our green thumbs to work, creating some garden beds around the cafe and planting some apple trees! Thanks to The wonderful Holly for the inspiration. We love fresh local produce and are lucky enough to get lots of rain and sunshine so our little garden is quite productive. You will often see a fruit or garnish on your plate that we have grown right here on site.

If you want to know more about how we roast our coffee – our knowledgeable and friendly staff would be happy to bend your ear. We run regular tasting sessions so let us know if you are interested. Consider yourself warned that we do like to geek out about our favourite topic!

You can find us in the Industrial Estate behind Apollo Bay at 16 Oak Ave.

To stay up to date with events in and around the Bay see to find out more.

We hope to see you sometime!

Magnetic building blocks

Magnetic building blocks

Door open

Enjoying the warm sunshine with big side door open